Sodium PCA Description

Sodium PCA is acquired from a by itself absolute amino acid proline in animal skin. PCA agency pyrolidone carbonic acid, an additive in abundant corrective products. PCA aswell contains antioxidants that can action chargeless radicals, which could cause derma aging. It is aswell accepted as 5-OXO-DL-Proline, Monosodium salt, PCA Soda, DL-Proline, and Sodium 5-OXO-L-Prolinate.

It is admired as hygroscopic with the accommodation to blot damp from the air, and has top baptize assimilation qualities. Sodium PCA has the adeptness to bind damp to cells, and authority a amount of its weight in water. It can bear damp to the derma and the hair.

more about:Sodium L-Pyroglutamate


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