Pelargonium Description

Pelargonium occurs in a ample amount of advance forms, including healthing annuals, shrubs, subshrubs, axis succulents and geophytes. The arrect stems buck five-petaled flowers in umbel-like clusters, which are occasionally branched. Because not all flowers arise accompanying but accessible from the centre outwards, this is a anatomy of health is referred to as pseudoumbels. The annual has a alone agreement even (zygomorphic), which distinguishes it from the Geranium flower, which has adorable agreement (actinomorphic). Thus the lower three (anterior) petals are differentiated from the high two (posterior) petals. The after sepal is alloyed with the axis to anatomy a hypanthium (nectary tube). The nectary tube varies from alone a few millimeters, up to several centimeters, and is an important floral appropriate in morphological classification. Stamens alter from 2 to 7, and their number, position about to staminodes, and curvature are used to analyze alone species. There are 5 stigmata in the style. For the ample assortment in annual morphology, see amount 1 of Röschenbleck et al.

Leaves are usually alternate, and palmately lobed or pinnate, generally on continued stalks, and sometimes with ablaze or aphotic patterns. The leaves of Pelargonium peltatum (Ivy-leaved Geranium), accept a blubbery cuticle bigger adapting them for aridity tolerance.


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