What is Origanum Vulgare?

Origanum vulgare, frequently accepted as oregano, is a bushy, rhizomatous, woody-branched abiding which about grows to 1-3’ alpine and to 2’ advanced on aboveboard stems clad with aromatic, glandular-spotted, angled to ellipsoidal leaves (to 1 1/2” long) which are usually absolute but sometimes accept hardly asperous margins. Tiny, two-lipped, pinkish-purple or white flowers (typical excellent family), anniversary with 4 bulging stamens and abounding purple-toned bracts, blossom in axillary or terminal corymb-like spikelets which acceleration aloft the foliage in summer. Plants are built-in from Europe to axial Asia, but accept able area and aborigine in locations of the eastern and far western U.S. and Canada.

Origanum vulgare plants are primarily awash in business today beneath a amount of altered cultivar, subspecies or anthologized names, anniversary geared against a specific comestible and/or accessory usage. Some plants aftermath leaves with abundant flavor/aroma (e.g., O. vulgare subsp. hirtum accepted as Greek oregano is the accepted comestible aroma arbor oregano) but accept little accessory value. Other plants accept abundant accessory amount in attention to accepting golden, different or coiled leaves (e.g., O. vulgare ‘Aureum’ appearance aureate chicken foliage) but little or no comestible value. The beeline breed is a able-bodied but almost accepted plant that is, as a accepted rule, hardly awash for a specific accessory or comestible use.



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