Ethephon uses in various crops

It is generally acclimated on wheat, coffee, tobacco, cotton, and rice in adjustment to advice the plant’s bake-apple ability accomplishment added quickly.

Cotton is the a lot of important individual crop use for ethephon. It initiates fruiting over a aeon of several weeks, promotes aboriginal concentrated boll opening, and enhances confusion to facilitate and advance ability of appointed harvesting. Harvested affection superior is improved.

Ethephon aswell is broadly acclimated by pineapple growers to admit changeable development (force) of pineapple. Ethephon is aswell sprayed on mature-green pineapple fruits to degreen them to accommodated aftermath business requirements. There can be some adverse aftereffect on bake-apple quality.

Although abounding ecology groups anguish about toxicity consistent from use of advance hormones and fertilizers, the toxicity of ethephon is in fact actual low, and any ethephon acclimated on the bulb is adapted actual bound to ethylene.


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