The Radde Anemone Rhizome anticancer effect

Anemone raddeana Regel et A30ug/ml, in vitro can significantly inhibit the DNA S180 hepatocellular carcinoma cells and ascites of mice, RNA and protein synthesis, the inhibitory rate increased with the reaction time (12 ~ 48 hours) increases, it is on the synthesis of DNA 48 hours of ID50 21ug/ml. Ip was raddeanin A10mg/kg * 5 days can increase the plasma cAMP levels in mice 61%. Since TdR, Urd and Leu were DNA, RNA and protein synthesis of precursors, their incorporation rate can reflect the metabolic activity of cells. Many are anemonin 30ug/ml can significantly inhibit these precursor incorporation in vitro cultured S180 and AH cells, suggesting that multiple suppressed raddeanin A on cancer cell proliferation, generally ID50 at 1 ~ 100ug/ml was an effective drug. Anemone raddeana Regel et after A, DNA synthesis of AH cells cannot be recovered, the inhibitory effect of DNA template like injury. In addition also has cAMP content increased intracellular or extracellular prevent cancer and inhibit the splitting effect. Anemone raddeana Regel et A increased plasma cAMP levels in mice 61% (compared with the control group), this product on the inhibition of cancer cells may be beneficial to.


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