cassia twig treatment of rheumatism

For rheumatism bi pain, stomach cold abdominal pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea. Cold pain, rheumatic pain, certification JianBei segment usually used with aconite root, ginger, licorice, to warm the cold pain, such as cassia twig monkshood soup. The stomach cold abdominal pain, xi WenXi press, usually used with caramel, radix paeoniae alba, ginger, altogether plays her cold, warm as tracey soup. Cold blood stasis amenorrhea abdominal pain, or dysmenorrhea, usually used with angelica, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, evodia rutaecarpa, to warm the cold, invigorate the circulation of menstruation, such as temperature by the soup. Heart palpitations pulse generation, usually used with grilled licorice root, ginseng, such as main licorice soup.


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