Clinical application of Silkvine Root-bark

1. Silkvine Root-bark(YiZong Jin Jian “) tightness in the chest and abdominal distension, anasarca, white mulberry root-bark, big belly skin, skin, dried tangerine or orange peel, tuckahoe peel ginger all equal. Water decoction, points 2 times. Party in the fragrance and skin water swelling, for your medicine.

2. (traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) volunteers in sichuan) : “pain, rheumatism, the wind cold dampness bi, foot knee JuLuan, bones and muscles pain.”

3. This product is alcohol extracts have strong heart, booster function. Cardiac glycoside dose overdose can cause cardiac arrhythmia, and even death. In addition, there are anti-inflammatory, antitumor, excited nerve system.


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