Herba Commelinae Use

Herba Commelinae, alias green bamboo, emerald green butterfly, herba lophatheri. Belong to the powdery endosperm mesh, duck, Herba Commelinae plantar annual curled in the herb. Stems prostrate to take root, much branched, up to 1 m long, glabrous, lower like to grow in the damp grass. Duck plantar of grass with lanceolate to lanceolate, oval phyllotaxis for alternate, stems for stolons, flower to flower, or the altar, monoecious, petals two in blue above, below a disc is white, it is bud spathe, green, stamens 6.

Herba Commelinae function attending in qingrejiedu, water swelling. Treat oedema, beriberi, urination, cold, erysipelas, mumps, jaundice hepatitis, heat flow field, malaria, epistaxis, bloody urine, metrorrhagia, leucorrhea, sore throats, ulcer furuncle, snake bites, etc.


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