Monkshood effect on blood flow

Monkshood root expansion of peripheral vascular function, Monkshood Decoction can markedly dilated blood vessel in anesthetized dogs and cats, Monkshood  Decoction has the function of. Intravenous injection of water-soluble fraction of 7.5, 15 and 30mg / kg, can make the anesthetized dog femoral artery blood flow was increased by 30, 70 and 129%, resistance is reduced 0.42 and 50%, which lasted about 10 minutes, this effect can be explained by the reason of limbs after warming Monkshood.


The Radde Anemone Rhizome anticancer effect

Anemone raddeana Regel et A30ug/ml, in vitro can significantly inhibit the DNA S180 hepatocellular carcinoma cells and ascites of mice, RNA and protein synthesis, the inhibitory rate increased with the reaction time (12 ~ 48 hours) increases, it is on the synthesis of DNA 48 hours of ID50 21ug/ml. Ip was raddeanin A10mg/kg * 5 days can increase the plasma cAMP levels in mice 61%. Since TdR, Urd and Leu were DNA, RNA and protein synthesis of precursors, their incorporation rate can reflect the metabolic activity of cells. Many are anemonin 30ug/ml can significantly inhibit these precursor incorporation in vitro cultured S180 and AH cells, suggesting that multiple suppressed raddeanin A on cancer cell proliferation, generally ID50 at 1 ~ 100ug/ml was an effective drug. Anemone raddeana Regel et after A, DNA synthesis of AH cells cannot be recovered, the inhibitory effect of DNA template like injury. In addition also has cAMP content increased intracellular or extracellular prevent cancer and inhibit the splitting effect. Anemone raddeana Regel et A increased plasma cAMP levels in mice 61% (compared with the control group), this product on the inhibition of cancer cells may be beneficial to.

Java brucea fruit contraindication

Pregnant women and children careful with brucea, gastrointestinal bleeding and liver and kidney disease, should avoid using or careful with Java brucea fruit.

This product is toxic, on gastrointestinal and liver and kidney were damaged, need to strictly control the doses, unfavorable use long suit. For external use only pay attention to protect the surrounding normal skin with tape, in order to prevent the stimulation of normal skin.

Adverse reactions: Java brucea fruit shell and seeds are poisonous, clinical toxicity reaction rate is higher. Its toxic ingredients mainly exists in water-soluble bitter composition, as severe cell protoplasmic poison, has inhibitory effect on the central nervous, have a harm effect on liver and kidney essence, and can expand, the visceral artery bleeding. The volatile oil on the skin and mucous membrane has a strong excitant.

cassia twig treatment of rheumatism

For rheumatism bi pain, stomach cold abdominal pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea. Cold pain, rheumatic pain, certification JianBei segment usually used with aconite root, ginger, licorice, to warm the cold pain, such as cassia twig monkshood soup. The stomach cold abdominal pain, xi WenXi press, usually used with caramel, radix paeoniae alba, ginger, altogether plays her cold, warm as tracey soup. Cold blood stasis amenorrhea abdominal pain, or dysmenorrhea, usually used with angelica, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, evodia rutaecarpa, to warm the cold, invigorate the circulation of menstruation, such as temperature by the soup. Heart palpitations pulse generation, usually used with grilled licorice root, ginseng, such as main licorice soup.

Clinical application of Silkvine Root-bark

1. Silkvine Root-bark(YiZong Jin Jian “) tightness in the chest and abdominal distension, anasarca, white mulberry root-bark, big belly skin, skin, dried tangerine or orange peel, tuckahoe peel ginger all equal. Water decoction, points 2 times. Party in the fragrance and skin water swelling, for your medicine.

2. (traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) volunteers in sichuan) : “pain, rheumatism, the wind cold dampness bi, foot knee JuLuan, bones and muscles pain.”

3. This product is alcohol extracts have strong heart, booster function. Cardiac glycoside dose overdose can cause cardiac arrhythmia, and even death. In addition, there are anti-inflammatory, antitumor, excited nerve system.

Herba Commelinae Use

Herba Commelinae, alias green bamboo, emerald green butterfly, herba lophatheri. Belong to the powdery endosperm mesh, duck, Herba Commelinae plantar annual curled in the herb. Stems prostrate to take root, much branched, up to 1 m long, glabrous, lower like to grow in the damp grass. Duck plantar of grass with lanceolate to lanceolate, oval phyllotaxis for alternate, stems for stolons, flower to flower, or the altar, monoecious, petals two in blue above, below a disc is white, it is bud spathe, green, stamens 6.

Herba Commelinae function attending in qingrejiedu, water swelling. Treat oedema, beriberi, urination, cold, erysipelas, mumps, jaundice hepatitis, heat flow field, malaria, epistaxis, bloody urine, metrorrhagia, leucorrhea, sore throats, ulcer furuncle, snake bites, etc.