Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome effect

Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome, no bitter, micro machine, temperature. Liver meridian, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome can invigorate the circulation of t2dm, gas pain;Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome for stroke hemiplegia, falling injury, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica.

1, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizomenot invigorate the circulation of blood, bleeding, pain, town convulsion

2, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome does not step-down pain, blood circulation. Treat each hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles

3,No cure (Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome, fall blood pressure. Attending rheumatoid arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident caused hemiplegia.

4, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome treat high blood pressure, brain tumor or hemiplegia caused by cerebral embolism: fresh Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome without a pound. Every four or five big grain, small grain of eight to nine, one to three times a day, rice wine or boiled water take, even served three to twelve month

5, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome without strain of lumbar muscles

6, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizome without cure rheumatoid arthritis

7, Decumbent Corydalis Rhizomewithout cure various high blood pressure


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