The datura flower treatment of chronic bronchitis

Use datura flower intramuscular injection every five days, general injection of 4 ~ 5 times, each injection including scopolamine in 0.5 ~ 1.0 mg, according to patients’ age, gender, physical strength and so on the specific circumstances, dosage is slightly different. General 10 ~ 15 minutes after the injection appeared slow; 15 ~ 20 minutes into the shallow sleep, 40 ~ 60 minutes into a deep sleep; 3 ~ 4 hours after wake up, wake up breathing smooth, slightly tiredness. Treatment of 1200 cases of chronic bronchitis and clinical control was 70%, the efficiency of 17%, after medication for heart, liver, kidney, determination, no damage. In addition, the useful composition of mandala compound tracheitis, bronchitis, injection for acupuncture point (lung yu, anti-asthma hole) cross injection, 10 times for a period of treatment, 640 cases, including clinical control rate was 36%, near significant efficiency of 23% or use stramonium 100 grams (600 g) in fresh leaves, licorice 50 grams, made from 25% mandala mixture, take orally every 4 ~ 5 ml, 10 days treatment, should be 44 cases, has achieved good curative effect.


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