Chickweed and cattle chickweed morphological differences and prevention and cure

Chickweed and cattle chickweed isn’t the same kind of weeds, but these two kinds of weeds and for caryophyllaceae plants, morphological characteristics have a lot of similarities, is relatively small, the main difference is the former leaf light green color, hairy stems; The latter stem leaf is bulky, slightly purple.

Stem leaf treatment agent is suitable for the fields of control broadleaf weeds benzene sulfonic lung oxygen ethanoic acid, chlorine, fluorine pyrazole, MCPA, destroy the grass, grass ketone, ethyl carboxy grass ether, bromoxynil and HunPeiJi, and double fluoride, azole its amine (MaiXi), totally sulfonyl amine (preferred), etc., of chickweed and cattle chickweed all have varying degrees of control effect. In recent years, suzhou middle cornfield chickweed and cattle chickweed has stronger resistance on the benzene sulfonic long patience, defensive efficiency decline. Chickweed ketone of azole grass has a strong resistance, cattle chickweed also strong for resistance of ketone of grass.


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