Scopolamine hydrobromide Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties:

Off-White Solid


An acetylcholine antagonist. Used in treatment of motion sickness; antiemetic; antispasmodic; mydriatic; preanesthetic medicant

General Description:

Colorless crystals or white powder or solid. Has no odor. pH (of 5% solution): 4-5.5. Slightly efflorescent in dry air. Bitter, acrid taste.

Air & Water Reactions:

Sensitive to air, light and moisture. Water soluble.

Reactivity Profile:

Scopolamine hydrobromide is incompatible with acids, bases and oxidizing agents. .

Fire Hazard:

Flash point data for Scopolamine hydrobromide are not available; however, Scopolamine hydrobromide is probably combustible.

Biological Activity:

Non-selective muscarinic antagonist. Widely used clinically to treat motion sickness.


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